NoPayPoker - no deposits just withdrawals
It couldn't be easier. You never deposit money at NoPayPOKER and you win cash prizes on every game you play, whether a ring game, tournament or week long league!
How is this possible? Simple, the site is funded by advertising.
So how do I get money to play, I hear you ask? Well, all games on the site use "FreeD" currency, which can be used to enter tournaments and sit down at ring games, just like any other poker site. FreeDs can be earned in 3 simple ways:
Join our FREE tournaments and league games

Refer your friends and get paid every time they cash out!

Earn money using our unique Sponsor Referral System

Once you have $30 USD worth of FreeDs you can withdraw it using popular withdrawal methods such as PayPal, NETeller and MoneyBookers.
There is no limit to the amount you can earn and withdraw.
No Deposit - You never lose money and have no costs and no risk
No Rakes - We make our money on advertising not raking the players
Legal Worldwide - an "open competition" legal in all jurisdictions, even the US
Secure - We dont take credit card details...and we pay out cash
League poker - Unique skill-not-luck, multi game tournaments
Private Tables - Anyone can set the number of players, blinds and speed

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